Washable diapers

5 Washable micro-fleece sails
to protect your inserts or adult incontinence pads
"Stay dry" effect and prevention / treatment of diaper rashes
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2 washable organic micro-fleece sails
very soft double layer microfleece.
Certified organic Oeko Tex, protect the inserts and protections as well as the skin with effect "keep dry".
31 cm x 13 cm approximately.
Made in France
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Layer TE1 junior
Washable diaper TE1 15-25 Kg with pocket with 1 microfiber insert
Sold individually with 1 insert
color: acqua
Complete change in adult incontinence
TE1 washable change with pocket for adult incontinence.
Scalable and adjustable by pressure sets to adapt to almost all adult sizes.
Sold individually with 1 insert / microfiber protection