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Washable sanitary napkin
Product available with different options
Let's adopt eco-responsible products!
3 sizes SM OR L
Size S can be used as panty liner
sold individually
2 newborn inserts or booster
Set of 2 small inserts or boosters (T0) bamboo charcoal 5 layers
For newborn cloth diapers
Size: 11cm x 28cm
Sold in sets of 2

Newborn TE1 diaper
washable diaper for babies from approximately 2.5 to 7 kg
With pocket for TE1 use
Delivered with 1 insert T0 (11cm X 28 cm approx.)
Learning panties
Potty training pants in cotton with waterproof bottom.
For girls and boys, embroidered or printed patterns depending on stock and arrival (give your preference by email).
Size 90 cm (9 to 13kg approx. / 12-18 months)
Size 100 cm (12 to 16 kg approx. / 18-24 months)
Panties 100% intraversable
Waterproof, washable underwear reusable, for female urine leaks.
Made in France.
Practical, efficient, discreet, this eco-responsible underwear will also save you money!
Set of 6 organic cotton wipes
Set of 6 GOTS certified organic cotton wipesMade in France
2 BAMBOO toothbrushes
Adopt eco-friendly products for an eco-responsible gesture!
Soft bristles, black and white
Sold by 2 in biodegradable box
2 intraversable incontinence protections
Unisex, 5 layers including one waterproof, light to moderate absorption.
Economical and ecological.
Dimension: 35x14 cm surroundings
Sold in sets of 2 gray or white
incontinence briefs 100% intraversable
Underwear 100% waterproofed, washable, reusable, for male urinary weakness.
Allows you to use any kind of protection
Delivered without protection
Made in France

2 Extra Strong incontinence protectors for men
Reusable, washable waterproof protectors for strong male urine leaks.
Extra strong absorption: 500ml
Set of 2 long protectors, gray
Made in France
Practical, efficient, discreet, these eco-responsible protections will also save you money!
Organic rose floral water
Organic rose floral water
Perfect with your washable wipes, for baby and the whole family.
Supplied with a spray dispenser adaptable to the bottle.
200 ml bottle
French made
2 Organic breast pads
Pack of 2 breast pads
In organic cotton certified GOTS
Pack of 2
Made in France