List of products by brand DOUJAÑ

2 newborn organic cotton inserts
TOP QUALITY for these special liners for new-born TE2 diapers
In 100% certified organic cotton
Made in France
Set of 2 inserts
2 Organic breast pads
Pack of 2 breast pads
In organic cotton certified GOTS
Pack of 2
Made in France
2 organic cotton folding linings
GOTS and OEKO TEX certified insert / swaddle / linerTo optimize the absorption of your diapers.Size: 32cm x 36cm (folds 3 times) Made in FranceSold in sets of 2 swaddles
2 organic cotton inserts
TOP QUALITY inserts, for your washable diapers,made in FRANCE, GOTS and OEKO TEX certified. 35cm x 15cmSold by 2
2 simple organic cotton inserts
Double thickness insert, GOTS / OEKO TEX certifiedTo be added to increase the absorption capacity of your diapers.31 X 13 CMFrench made Sale by 2
2 washable organic micro-fleece sails
very soft double layer microfleece.Certified organic Oeko Tex, protect the inserts and protections as well as the skin with effect "keep dry".31 cm x 13 cm approximately.Made in France Sold by 2
Evolutionary layer TE1 Bio
TOP QUALITY and MADE in FRANCE Scalable from 7 to 17 kg and delivered with 2 organic cotton inserts Oeko Tex certified materialsMade in FRANCE
Organic cotton scalable full layer
French, for babies from 3.5 to 17 kgOeko Tex certified Must be covered with a waterproof overlay.Sold individually with an insert.Made in FRANCE
Organic day sanitary napkin
Washable sanitary napkin in organic textiles certified Oeko TEXAbsorption: "normal" flowColors according to stockSold individuallyFrench made
Organic newborn full diaper
Full layer in organic cottonFor newborns from 2.5 to 5 kg Made in FRANCEUse a diaper cover for waterproofing.
Organic newborn overlay
Overcoat for TE1 or TE2 useFor babies 2,5 to 5 KgOEKO TEX certified organicMade in France
Organic night sanitary napkin
Washable sanitary napkin "strong" flowIn organic cotton labeled GOTS / OEKO TEXSold individuallyinterior / exterior colors according to stockMade in France