List of products by brand BABYLAND

2 inserts 5 layers
Bamboo charcoal and microfiber for baby and junior washable diapers for TE1 / TE2
NB: unsuitable for newborns, choose TO
Sold in sets of 2
2 intraversable incontinence protections
Unisex, 5 layers including one waterproof, light to moderate absorption.
Economical and ecological.
Dimension: 35x14 cm surroundings
Sold in sets of 2 gray or white
2 Intraversable inserts
For washable diapers, 5 layers for very high absorption
Waterproof bottom
Gray or white
Sold in sets of 2 of the same color
2 microfiber inserts 3 layers
For baby and junior washable diapers TE1 and TE2
Easy maintenance, 3 layers
Sold in sets of 2
2 newborn inserts or booster
Set of 2 small inserts or boosters (T0) bamboo charcoal 5 layers
For newborn cloth diapers
Size: 11cm x 28cm
Sold in sets of 2

Bag for used masks
COVID-19 Precautions: Ideal ACCESSORY so you don't leave your washable or disposable masks anywhere!
And a great alternative to polluting plastic bags!
Waterproof bag, zipped with snap handle.
40cm x30cm
Complete change in adult incontinence
TE1 washable change with pocket for adult incontinence.
Scalable and adjustable by pressure sets to adapt to almost all adult sizes.
Sold individually with 1 insert / microfiber protection
Newborn TE1 diaper
TE1 diaper for newborns
2.5 to 7 kg approximately
With 1 suitable microfiber insert
Sold individually
TE1 layer and insert
Very nice washable diaper with pocket
From birth to cleanliness
Sold individually with 1 microfiber insert 3 layers
Save money and make a gesture for the Planet!
On sale!
Washable diaper bag
It is waterproof,
Zipped with snap handle.
40cm x30cm
Washable sanitary napkin
Product available with different options
Let's adopt eco-responsible products!
3 sizes SM OR L
Size S can be used as panty liner
sold individually